Re: Running app icons on desktop?

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 09:17, kend xanoptix com wrote:
> Hi, all.  I realize that this is probably a WM issue, but I'm wondering if
> anyone has any suggestions as to a WM that
> a) runs under HP/UX 11.11, and
> b) allows you to have the icons of running programs actually reside on the
> desktop.
> We're trying to wean one of our engineering managers from CDE to something
> Gnome-ish, and this is by far his largest concern.  Thus far, I haven't
> seen anything on Saw[fish|mill] that does the trick.
> Any pointers would be much appreciated...

None of the usual GNOME window managers do this. You may be able to use
another window manager, but you'd have to turn off the file manager
drawing the desktop.

Some questions:
Why do you want to wean this person from CDE? Shouldn't people use
whatever is most comfortable?

Also, why does that person see the need to have icons on the desktop.
Isn't a tasklist at least as easy to use?


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