Bold or nothing fonts in gnome-terminal?


I'm in the process of building GNOME from CVS/HEAD (yes, by hand...) and
have just gotten to the terminal.  I've noticed this before, but the
only font that I can get to work correctly happens to be 'monospace'. 
Personally, I much prefer 'lucidatypewriter' for terminals, however,
gnome terminal doesn't seem to like it much :).

Every time I select lucidatypewriter Normal from the font list, it
appears bold.  If I select Bold, it appears bold.  Is this just a bug,
or am I missing something obvious here?

Also, it appears that there are some issues with the font preview part
of the font selection dialog as well.  It doesn't display some fonts
properly and the preview for monospace is certainly different than what
appears in the window.

I did a quick search through both the list archives and bugzilla, but I
didn't see anyone with this particular problem.

Thanks in advance.
Andrew S. Townley <atownley eircom net>

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