Gnome PPP

Hi all,

I had some troubles when trying to use gnome-ppp on my box (mandrake
I have seen that I am not the only one in this case (a lot of messages
in mailing lists).

Finally, I have localized different problems.
- at least with Mandrake, if you have configured an ethernet network,
you have to disactivate it before trying to connect with gnome-ppp. If
you do not that, you will have a window saying : "The pppd daemon died
- also with Mandrake, it seems there is a DNS problem. You have to add
manually the DNS configuration in /etc/resolv.conf, even if you have
configured it in your gnome-ppp account
- ...

It could be nice to update the manual.
But I can't find where to propose changes ?!
Gnome-ppp is not maintained anymore ! (I tried to e-mail the former
maintainer, but he did not respond)
Where is the place where I can submit these changes ?
I could also translate the manual into french.

A lot of users still use ppp connection, at least during their travels.
So it is really problematic to not have a decent gnome ppp soft.
(Note also that with gnome-ppp, there is no automatic DNS configuration)



Frederic Parrenin
18, av. Edouard Belin
tel.: 05 61 33 29 56
fax : 05 61 25 32 05

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