Re: Need Distro Recommendation

Sounds interesting, but a little confused on what files to download in
order to install it:
/pub/Linux/distributions/gentoo/releases/1.4_rc2/x86/i586/livecd and/or

tor 2003-01-16 klockan 20.00 skrev Ryan:
> I'd recommend Gentoo ( Although the installation can take
> a long time (you compile your whole system from scratch
> gcc,glibc,xfree86,etc.), you get the benefit of having a highly optimized
> system plus the ease of upgrading software through it's portage package
> management system. I haven't used Debian, but i'm told that Gentoo's
> portage is like Debian's apt-get system except that it downloads the
> source code and compiles it for you and then installs it (keeping track of
> all the files that were installed). So you get the benefits of installing
> from source (i.e. optimizations for your CPU, setting up optional
> enhancements for certain packages like PHP) and a package management
> system which keeps track of installed files. The only thing is there's no
> hardware detection stuff yet (that I'm aware of). I had to configure it to
> load all the modules I needed for my hardware manually. I just installed
> it on my laptop and so far so good.
> > 2.  Has a current (>2.0) version and stock install of Gnome.  This is
> > the main reason that I want to try something different - I want a stock
> > install of Gnome that hasn't been jacked with in some way.
> It does have the Gnome 2.0 series available for install and it doesn't
> mess with it like Redhat does.
> Ryan
> ryan vbnet net

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