window cycling and galeon warning msg?

I am running a Debian -sid- box with Gnome2, Sawfish-1.2-3 and Galeon

My first question is about the edge flipping, A short while ago, my edge
flipping was from left -> right with wrap around back to the first. I
have three workspaces. Now my edge flipping is verticle, the mouse will
not flip going left->right, but up->down and it does not recycle back to
the first workspace.

I can not find a setting in Sawfish Configurator to do this left->right
flipping or window recycling. Where do I need to look to change this

The "Sawfish Configurator->workspaces->Select the next desktop when the
pointer hits the screen edge check box" is selected, as well as "Hitting
the screen edge selects the next "workspace" is selected.

Second question is about Galeon, it seems that I keep getting a
"Security Warning" dialog box. This warning states:

"You have requested a encryped page, the web page has identified itself
correctly, and information you see or enter on this page can't be easliy
be read by a third party."

"Alert me next time whenever I am about to view an encrypted page"

This check box is selected, I un select it, press ok and it keeps coming
back to haunt me.

I've looked in the Setting->preferences for an option to "Not warn" me
about this  but can not find anything.

I did notice that if I select the check boxes for these warnings, that
it will not reappear during the current session, but if i close Galeon
and restart it, they appear again. If this helps.

Jeffrey Bell <jfbell earthlink net>

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