Right click (was Re: About the nautilus speed)

but after I use
nautilus to browse some folder then I right click the desktop or right
click in the nautilus the popup menu will show with a obvious delay.

This delay is needed to know if you want the pop up menu (no mouse movement) or if you want to drag the file/dir around, which will give you a pop up menu of operations after you drop the file/dir.

I think this is a big bug, hope can be solved when gnome2 2.2.0 released.

So, no, this is not being solved in gnome 2.2. Unless right mouse button dragging is disabled.

I never thought I could drag icons using right click. Right click, in my sense, should be limited to advanced actions and to options. A moving is a "natural" action on icons that should only be done with the "natural" left click (that's clearly the way in explain left and right clics to new users that are -very- confused with the two or three buttons of the mouse). I've tested it and viewed that <right clicking and dragging> let you choose between move, copy and link. I always used modifyer keys to choose between these actions in left click (doing this in a "mac" way). But maybe there is a little bug in nautilus -2.0.x. When right clicking, I usualy immediatly release the button in order to have a "permanent" context menu to browse in without having to keep my finger on the right button. And sometimes, i may move the mouse before the context menu appear. Then the context menu appears with a delay but not on the icon where I began the action. The menu appears under the mouse pointer. That's clearly the default gtk management of popups, which doesn't care of delays between the click and the popup, But it should be modified in order to store the initial mouse position for popup or to avoid the popup if the mouse moves before the end of the delay.
Bertrand Dekoninck

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