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On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 05:02:48PM -0400, Dominic Amann wrote:
> It seems that the "debate" between workspaces and viewports happened 
> back in January, someplace between someone's ears, and the decision was 
> made to drop viewports, and use workspaces.

	I like that "someplace between someone's ears".  What we use
to call in support as "operator headspace" when someone did something
penultimately stupid.

> Tragic.

	Agreed.  Most definitely agreed.

> Sadly, I have always used Viewports, and ignored workspaces. From a 
> functional point of view, I find them superior.

	I use both.  I've used both extensively over the past and find
the combination of multiple workspaces (desktops) with viewports in
each to be infinitely superior to either separately.

> Is there any way I can contribute time/skills/whatever to make 
> workspaces work in every respect like viewports used to (with the 
> addition of user adjustable names)?

	I thought someone added that functionality back in to libwnck
or something.  But I can't figure out how to enable it as a user level

> It is useful to push a window aside into another workspace to view what 
> is underneat, and yet still flick to the other space to view what we 
> have just pushed aside. The continuous slide is valuable. It is also 
> very useful with somewhat limited screen real estate, to be able to 
> flick from one port to another to read stuff that is too large to fit in 
> one screen, esp. acrobat stuff that imposes its format on the user.

	There are many and varied reasons why one would prefer expanded
desktops with viewports (OpenLook use to allow you to move fractions of
a viewport so your viewport could be sitting at offset 640x512 with a
viewport size of 1280x1024 giving you a viewport index of .5 x .5).
There are just some things that you can do with viewports that can not
be done with desktops/workspaces/rooms (or whatever you want to call them).
But workspaces come in handy as well.

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