shoot Gnome1 !

> .gconf is for GNOME2.  .gnome is for GNOME1.  I personally don't have a
> ~/.gnome dir, since I don't have any GNOME1 apps left.
> So far as preferred apps setting not working... yes, that sub-system is
> the hugest buggiest piece of crap in GNOME.  It needs to be slaughtered
> and rewritten.  It's been on various TODO lists for a while; hopefully
> before 2.6 someone with the skill and time tackles it.

So you bring up another interesting topic!  How can I blow away Gnome1
without breaking anything?  How can I know which apps and components are
Gnome1 vs. Gnome2?  

I use the Gentoo distro w/ Portage and it's easy for me to "unmerge"
packages, but not so easy to determine that I haven't blown away
something that something else might depend on.


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