When I click on an http link in Evolution (running in a terminal), it
displays the following error message to the terminal:

(evolution:14726): evolution-mail-WARNING **: gnome_url_show: Failed to
execute child process "/usr/bin/MozillaFirebird" (No such file or

However, my ~/.gnome/Gnome [URL Handlers] section is thus:

[URL Handlers]
default-show=/usr/bin/gnome-moz-remote "%s"
file-show=less "%s"
ftp-show=/usr/bin/gnome-moz-remote "%s"
ghelp-show=/usr/bin/gnome-moz-remote "%s"
http-show=/usr/bin/gnome-moz-remote "%s"
https-show=/usr/bin/gnome-moz-remote "%s"
info-show=/usr/bin/nautilus "%s"
man-show=/usr/bin/nautilus "%s"

So where can it be getting the string "/usr/bin/MozillaFirebird" from? 
(I had FB installed once, but I've uninstalled it since.)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

-Larry Siden

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