Re: Enhanced Gnome tools

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 05:17:11PM -0400, Paul Smith wrote:  
>   hp> It's not implemented (well, there's grouping, but it groups
>   hp> windows in the same process, not windows in the same class).
> OK, I see.  For instance if I have multiple Galeon windows or OOo docs
> open they get grouped together.
> But, there must be something more to it than that, because when I have
> multiple Emacs frames open _they_ don't get grouped together, and
> they're all in the same process of course.  Is there some kind of
> special EWMH hint or something an application has to support to allow
> this to work?

I simplified slightly. The groups are based on group leader window. 
However, GTK uses the same group leader window for the whole process.

Emacs actually does the right thing (a separate group leader window
for each main document window and associated dialogs).  GTK is broken

>   hp> In fact writing an entirely new window list is a weekend project; 
>   hp> "libwnck" does all the hard parts and contains all the complex code,
>   hp> you just have to code up whatever specific GUI you want.
>   hp> The window menu someone else mentioned is already available as an
>   hp> applet, but if it weren't, here's how hard it is to write using
>   hp> libwnck:
>   hp>  [hp dhcppc3 libwnck]$ wc -l window-menu.c
>   hp>     129 window-menu.c
> It would be nice if you published that code :)
> I can't seem to find any docs for this library, or even any CVS archive
> to look at the sources...  I'll keep looking.

There are doc comments in the source code, though the gtk-doc stuff
isn't set up to extract/publish them, you can still read them 
in the .c files.

There are also various examples in libwnck itself and in the form of
the applets that ship with GNOME.


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