Re: changing window managers

%% Brian Craft <bcboy cisco com> writes:

  >> > I also tried adding them to the session start-up apps, but this
  >> > wedges the login. When it gets to openbox, or waimea, the
  >> > start-up sequence hangs. In fact, adding just about anything to
  >> > the start-up sequence makes it hang. It behaves a bit like it's
  >> > failing to fork the program.

I think it just looks like it hangs.  I had this same behavior when I
used FVWM 2.4 and earlier 2.5 releases: the startup splashscreen just
sits there forever.

But, really, everything is actually working.  If you click your mouse on
the splashscreen it will go away and everything will work fine (at
least, it did for me--Gnome 2.2).

There is some kind of WM hint that the Gnome splashscreen app is waiting
for, where if your WM doesn't support the latest EWMH stuff it won't
grok it.

The latest FVWM test versions (2.5.x) do send the right bits so it works
without the extra click.

Anyway, that worked for me...

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