Re: changing window managers

The fact that openbox is unaware of the session manager shouldn't be a
problem. The manager should still be able to save it and restart it. If
you are sure you were telling it to save your session, I'd try going
into the session manager and making sure openbox is set to restart and
that metacity isn't.


On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 14:10, Brian Craft wrote:
> I know this has been covered before, but none of the solutions I've seen
> actually work.
> How do you change the window manager for gnome? I've tried "killall metacity;
> openbox &", and saving the session. But the session manager is unaware of
> openbox, so it is never saved. Also the "killall metacity; openbox &" technique
> suffers from a race condition with the default session config. About half the
> time the session mananger restarts metacity before openbox. The metacity
> properties have to be edited first to avoid this.
> I also tried waimea, with the same result. Both of these are listed in the
> gnome docs as compatible wms. 
> I also tried adding them to the session start-up apps, but this wedges the
> login. When it gets to openbox, or waimea, the start-up sequence hangs. In
> fact, adding just about anything to the start-up sequence makes it hang. It
> behaves a bit like it's failing to fork the program.
> (the system here is a stock RH9 install)
> b.c.
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