gnome2 features

A few thoughts regarding gnome.

I have been trying gnome2.  This last one I am trying, version 2.0.2, is
working pretty well.  I used the cvsgnome script to get, compile, and
install it.

Gnome 2 seems faster than Gnome 1 but the other differences are taking
some getting used to.

The one missing feature that bugs me the most is the lack of a
favorites menu.  I use that a lot when running Gnome 1.  I have
so many odd programs on my Linux setup, that the favorites menu
helps me find them easily.

I understand with Gnome 2 you are supposed to use Nautilus to
launch your favorite programs but Nautilus is still buggy
clunky and slow, at least on my system.  I like some of it's
features though.

I do agree that Gnome might be picking up too many Windows features.
I find that Nautilus popping up when a new drive is mounted somewhat
annoying; not really much help most of the time.  Maybe a dialog popping
up and asking if you want to use Nautilus to view the new directory
would help.  Of course the dialog could be switched off for those that
like the pop up feature.

The only substantial bug that has affected me is that when saving
Sawfish preferences in Gnome 1 breaks Gnome 2.  To start Gnome 2
the .sawfish directory needs to be removed.  As long as I don't
save the session, things seem to work OK.  I am using Sawfish

Anyway, keep up the good work.


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