Re: Gdk-pixbuf 0.20.0 is released

<quote who="Tomasz K?oczko">

> In case like above it makes _much_ more harder automated detecting new tar
> ball viersions on ftp (best is flat strcture like before).

See: (ten most recent files + date) (rss feed of same)

We're considering putting latest/ directories back in, have to work out the
best place for them.

> I can't find any disscuss about this (looking on "ftp (re)structure"|"ftp
> new hierarhy"|"ftp new tree" points to nowhere or to very old messages
> about previouse ftp changes).

Just look for FTP in both gnome-hackers and d-d-l.

> What does this improves ?

The entire structure is far more scalable than the previous one -> now that
we're actually making releases, we need a better layout to handle them. The
various threads about the FTP site will explain why the current layout was

- Jeff

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