Re: Gnome 2 Again

     I'm trying to create srpms from sources and ( I'm newbie in this field
) is not easy. Using the -ta rpm option ( a lot of thanks to the man who
point me to this ) I can create the srpms  for some tar.gz without problem
( glib2, audio... for example). Another ones needs previously install of
the recent rpms created to solve deps ( gtk2+ needs pango, glib2... ). The
problems encountered ( an unresolved yet ) are :

     -Some tar.gz don't have all the information necessary to create the
srpm ( a lot of messages about vendor, version, etc...  needed in a header
to create the srpm ).
     -Some srpms are created OK from tar.gz and installed correctly into
the system, but when I try to install another package that depends on it,
says that some files of the recently installed rpms don't exist. For
example. I can create the srpm for pango, install it , but when I try to
install gtk2+ claims that ( i don't remember well the name and
I'm at work and the test are made at my home ) don't exist. I don't know,
but may be that in some tar.gz is necessary to install sources with
determinated configure options that are not specified by default. Another
option is to force a rpm db rebuild, cause some package must be updated (
at least with my poor knowledgment ) using the --force option.

     Any advice?

As always, regards and a lot of TIAS

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