Gnome 2 Again

Well , I started the gnome 2 sources compilation, and it looks like if everything were going perfect ... but I have some answers :

1) Do you really think it's good idea creating rpm packages from the gnome2 binaries?

2) A lot of programs are actualizations of some already installed ( f.example, GConf ) .... so, I think there's no problem, because old GConf is located in /usr and the another one will be in /usr/local but ... what should happen? I understand that some packages must stay because the are needed by some not-yet-ported programs ( f.e. evolution ). BUT ... what about these programs? F. Example: when I install GDM, I should install it OVER the old gdm ... so, what should I do? install the new-packages in /usr/locla and let live the others, or uninstall the old packages?

By the way ... I'm using a Red Hat 7.3

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