Re: layers and layers of windows managers

Just an update for the archives, and future troubleshooters:

1. To fix this problem, make your .xinitrc look something like this.
	setenv WINDOW_MANAGER metacity
	metacity &
	exec gnome-session
Once Gnome 2 is working again, you can eliminate some of these.

2. Edit ~/.gnome2/default.wm to look something like this:

3. Rename or remove ~/.gnome2/session and re-run startx

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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:49:05 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, C. A. Daelhousen wrote:
> Apparently. Maybe you can use sysinstall to replace your X install?
> (I've never tried, so I can't personally recommend either way.)

At this point, I'd be too worried that sysinstall would overwrite and undo
too many already-working things but it may be worth a try if I am still
nowhere in a couple days.

> If xinitrc is the only thing you're missing (it's the only thing in the
> xinit directory), have a look at the (short) attachment.

I created an xinit directory and saved your attachment to it but still no
go - just the DHCP warning, one background image, then another, then just a
cursor and no interaction.  Bleh.  I think the ~/.gnome/default.wm will be
the likely path to fixing my problems :(

Thanks for the file though!

Peter Leftwich
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Video2Video Services
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