Re: nautilus sux

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 21:33, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> I am trying to run Gnome 2.0 and before running startx I `setenv
> WINDOW_MANAGER metacity` (tcsh).

You don't need this.  GNOME will remember your window manager across
sessions.  Once you set things up for metacity, GNOME will spawn that
each time it starts.

> It seems I keep getting layers and layers of desktops and the "taskbar" at
> the bottom of the window gets obfuscated.  When startx is done, I can right
> click and choose "New Terminal" but the usual borders of [_] and [X] and
> [-] etc are missing, cropped away.  When I run "top" and kill nautilus
> things come back.

This I have never seen.  Perhaps it's related to your environment
setting in .xinitrc.  Perhaps a screen shot would help visualize what
you're seeing.

The respawn thing is normal.  Nautilus is set to respawn once it is
killed.  You can change this by going into the session settings, and
setting Nautilus to something like Normal.

> Is nautilus part of Gnome 2.0 or part of metacity?!

Nautilus is a component of GNOME.  It _is_ the GNOME 2 desktop.  It is
responsible for drawing the icons for Home, Start Here, Trash, etc. 
Metacity is simply a window manager; like twm, afterstep, blackbox,
etc.  It is responsible for drawing the window decorations (title bars,
window handles, etc.).


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