Re: nautilus sux

On 18 Sep 2002, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 21:33, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> > I am trying to run Gnome 2.0 and before running startx I `setenv
> > WINDOW_MANAGER metacity` (tcsh).
> You don't need this.  GNOME will remember your window manager across
> sessions.  Once you set things up for metacity, GNOME will spawn that
> each time it starts.

Joe Marcus, thanks for your help so far - very inspiring!

I guess my question then is... once I have a session completely laid out to
my liking, is there a simple way to create a backup of the file(s)?  Maybe
from ~/.gnome2/ someplace?  Is there a way to construct or reconstruct my
~/.xinitrc based on a "session" that I like?

Similar question about this -- my ~/.xinitrc has a line that says "exec
gnome-session."  Is there another DIFFERENT command line I can use here
such as something like just "gnome &" instead of gnome-session?

> > It seems I keep getting layers and layers of desktops and the "taskbar" at
> > the bottom of the window gets obfuscated.  When startx is done, I can right
> > click and choose "New Terminal" but the usual borders of [_] and [X] and
> > [-] etc are missing, cropped away.  When I run "top" and kill nautilus
> > things come back.
> This I have never seen.  Perhaps it's related to your environment
> setting in .xinitrc.  Perhaps a screen shot would help visualize what
> you're seeing.

I have been seeing it quite frequently lately - I'll make a screenshot at
somepoint (or try to, since my MainMenu button disappears and with it the
"Take a Screen shot..." command in the "start menu") and post the URL to
view it.  Great idea, thanks.

How do I find out what the items in my "Start Menu" have for their cmd lines?

> The respawn thing is normal.  Nautilus is set to respawn once it is
> killed.  You can change this by going into the session settings, and
> setting Nautilus to something like Normal.

Smart programming, Gnome people :-)  for people like me that get on the
warpath *grin*

> > Is nautilus part of Gnome 2.0 or part of metacity?!
> Nautilus is a component of GNOME.  It _is_ the GNOME 2 desktop.  It is
> responsible for drawing the icons for Home, Start Here, Trash, etc.
> Metacity is simply a window manager; like twm, afterstep, blackbox,
> etc.  It is responsible for drawing the window decorations (title bars,
> window handles, etc.).
> Joe

Ah ha, I don't really like this in that case... It seems like there is a
"Microsoft Active Desktop" aspect of Gnome 2 in that case.  It must not
help that I do things in gnome-terminal such as `rm -rf .Trash` or `rm -rf
~/.gnome-desktop/Trash` just because I am anti-trash.

Also, a related question - are file managers related to the GUI (kde, gnome
etc), the windows manager (metacity, sawfish, fvwm95, fvwm etc) or just
third party apps that can be MIME-linked?  I would really like to find one
that is most like Windows Explorer (on the left hand insert) and like
ACDSee32 on the right-hand icon area :)  :)   (:

> > Crashing Win98SR1 was easy enough using IE and Outlook but today I saved a
> > page as complete from Mozilla 5.0 and it crashed the X11 environment!!
> > Should I be proud?
> PGP Key :

I guess I am kind of proud - I keep the developers in business sort of.

Peter Leftwich
President & Founder
Video2Video Services
Box 13692, La Jolla, CA, 92039 USA

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