Re: gnome-terminal

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 04:47:40PM -0400 or thereabouts, jean-michel deleu wrote:
> Whenever i start gnome-terminal or launch any application that
> opens in one (such as aumix, mutt, top et al) it opens in a size ~1280 X
> ~ 200 (this on a 1024 X 768 desktop).I know i can use a command-line

It shouldn't do that.

> argument to have it open in a smaller size but it seems a little silly
> to open a terminal to type in instructions to open another terminal.
> Anyway what follows remains true whatever the terminal size.
> The prompt is ok, but everything typed gets  s  t  r  e  t  c  h  e  d
> o  u  t even when resized using the mouse (trackball actually) on the
> window's corner and the command doesn't get processed.

Aha :) 

You have selected a proportional font. In the terminal preferences,
change the font to something that's not proportional. Something
like "fixed" will do. 

Your terminal _should_ then shrink back. If it doesn't, then that
is a bug.

> The start of the typing doesn't start right after the prompt but at the
> "Help" level of the menu bar around 15 characters to the right of the
> prompt. It's as though there were "invisible" characters between the 
> prompt and the cursor.
> I can't seem to find the right configuration file for it, neither
> ~/.gnome or the gnome control panel give any joy.

~/.gnome/Terminal (in Gnome 1.4, which I presume Debian woody uses) 
should have a line about 


..and that will be the font it's trying to use. 


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