Re: gnome version? gnome2? non-GUI choose a wm?

On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 06:01:23PM -0400, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> I have two quick questions but the help I hope to get on these topics will
> make me feel wonderful and get me past a major HUGE ROAD BLOCK!!
> [1] How do I determine what version of gnome I am running?

There is really no such concept. Any given GNOME release is a collection
of packages of differing version numbers. A lot of these packages can be
upgraded at different times without too much harm (in fact, that is a
requirement in the GNOME 2.0.x branch -- API and ABI backwards

Furthermore, you can run applications linked against GNOME 1 libraries
in a GNOME 2 environment. See, for example, Evolution.

So, really, you need to phrase your question differently. What are you
trying to differentiate between?

> My ~/.xinitrc has "exec gnome-session" in it so can I do a flag to
> gnome-session such as -v?  Should I be worried that I have a .gnome
> AND a .gnome2 directory in my home directory?

Far from being worried, that is a good thing. Every package that depends
upon libgnome for GNOME 2 uses ~/.gnome2 and ~/.gnome2_private for
storing user-specific data. Applications that rely upon GNOME 1
libraries, as well as gnome-vfs in GNOME 2 (which does not depend upon
libgnome) will use ~/.gnome and friends.

> [2] Is there a non-GUI way (i.e. before running startx) to select what
> windows manager I want to use?

Export the WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable before starting
gnome-session (so either in ~/.xinitrc or ~/.gnomerc or ~/.xsessionrc.


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