Sawfish compiling problems

Hello there again. Well, almost all gnome2 were compiled by me in mi 
pc. However, I still have problems:
I had a lot of problems with the version of the packages, but they were
"fixed". The only one package I can't compile is Sawfish. In fact,
when I ran the configure script, it alerted me it couldn't find some
libraries ( glib, gtk ... ) and the problem is, that all the compiled
libraries appears in /usr/local/include ( the headres, sorry ), but, for
example, glib headers directory appears like glib-2.0 and not like 
So I had to create links ( from glib to glib-2.0, for example ).
After I did that with most of the packages, I could beggin to compile
sawfish. But ... when I type 'make', and it begins to compile, suddenly
appears a problem, a message like " /tmp/something : Undefined Reference
to gtk_widget ...".

I still think the problem was with the location of the headers. What should 
I try to do?

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