gnome1 and gnome2 coexistence

I have gnome 1.4 and gnome2 installed.
Gnome 1.4 is installed in /usr/local/
and Gnome2 is installed in /drives/sg4/gnome2.
I have my .profile setup so that if I "pick"
gnome2 then my PATH and LD_LBRARY_PATH contain
the gnome2 directory.  This seemed to be working
fine for awhile.  Now gnome2 will not run properly
and I get errors from CORBA.  I think what's
happening is one or some of the configuration
or state files got changed by some app in such
a way that gnome2 is now confused.  I base this
on the fact that I can run gnome2 from my root
account and it seems to be working fine.  I have
not run gnome1 from my root account and in fact
I think I deleted all the gnome configuration
directories.  So my question is can the gnome1
and gnome2 configuration directories coexist
together?  What seemed to trigger the problem
was I was listening to a CD with the GNOME CD
player and the GMIX mixer.  I exited gnome2 and
checked the save desktop box.  When I restarted
gnome2 the problems began.  I had not checked
the save desktop box up to that point.


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