Re: icons gone...

On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 17:03, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> Jeroen Benckhuijsen <j f benckhuijsen home nl> said:
> > I've asked for a sollution, not a flaimbait. I know their development
> > packages, but in my last installation on RH 7.2, i hadn't had any
> > problems: all by icons were shown..
> Well that was a pretty rude response to your question. Anyway, in 
> applications => preferences => toolbars+menus there is a preference for icons 
> in the menus. Try changing that to see if they come back, if not just update 
> from red carpet again There have been bad builds on red carpet in the past, 
> but overall they're greeeeeeeaaaaaat!!!!
> dave

Great! It works! Really weird. The option was enabled at first. Had to
disable it, close the window, restart it and enable it to make it work..
Stupid i didn't thought about that option. Went through the whole gconf
registry to find something. Turns out it's just a config option... Well,
after reinstalling for 12 hours, i can't be blamed for missing a little
option, getting kinda tired ;-).



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