RE: Backup on CD

> I've read the CD-writing HOWTO (which the X-CD-Roast homepage 
> helpfully says 
> is 'massively outdated').   I'm running RH7.2, I have 
> X-CD-Roast and Gnome 
> Toaster on my system, neither of which has a Help file.
> What I would like to imagine will work is just to copy the 
> chunk of data I 
> want to back up, directory structure and all, to a spare 
> directory on my hard 
> drive and then use X-CD-Roast to burn it onto a CD.   However 
> I can't find 
> any simple statement to confirm that will work.
> Also the HOWTO has left me wondering:
> According to the HOWTO, I need mkisofs to create the right 
> file structure, 
> and cdrecord to burn it.      Does X-CD-Roast look after all that?

X-CD-Roast does have the capability to do this, however, as suggested in
another response, you will probably be better off to familiarize yourself
with both the mkisofs and cdrecord manpages.

> Also, according to the HOWTO, the standard ISO9660 format is 
> limited to 8.3 
> filenames.   Obviously my Linux setup uses longer names.   
> Also according to 
> the HOWTO, Linux uses the Rock Ridge extensions which look 
> after that.   Is 
> that something else I can just forget about and leave to the 
> software to fix?

See above answer

> Sorry if what I'm asking is very obvious.
> cr
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