GNOME Summary for 2002-08-12 - 2002-08-16

This is the GNOME Summary for 2002-08-12 - 2002-08-16
Table of Contents

1. More on Medusa
2. GNOME Setup Tools
3. Hacker Activity
4. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity
5. New and Updated Software

1. More on Medusa

In reply to my small report on Medusa in the last summary Seth Nickels
wrote in the following. 

I've ported medusa to GNOME2, all the known security holes have been
resolved in periodic changes by Rebecca in the past year, and both
Rebecca and I are going to be working to get the new medusa up and
running. The biggest change is that medusa will no longer run as a root
daemon, but will instead be run as a per user indexing daemon, assisted
by a database provided by a system indexing daemon running as nobody (to
minimize security risk). We'll be working on speedups and a few new
features (like the ability to search for arbitrary MIME 
types, and perhaps content indexers for a few more types such as MP3 or 
AbiWord). We're hoping it might be possible to get this ready in time
for GNOME 2.2, but we might not make such a near date. 

2. GNOME Setup Tools

The Ximian Setup Tools are now known as the Gnome Setup Tools and have a
new website at The tool frontends are also mostly ported
to Gtk2. The tools will now focus mostly on supporting the Debian
operating system. 

3. Hacker Activity

Thanks for Paul Warren for these lists.

  Most active modules:
 85 evolution
 72 mc
 71 gimp
 71 galeon
 43 gnumeric
 28 balsa
 27 libgnomeprint
 26 gnome-guile
 26 sun-patches
 24 gcompris
 24 gedit
 24 gnome-panel
 23 web-devel-2
 22 gnome-utils
 22 gnome-i18n
 22 vte
 21 mrproject
 20 gconf-editor
 20 gtk+
 20 totem
[133 active modules omitted]

  Most active hackers:
 55 cneumair
 46 proskin
 36 jody
 33 chema
 32 jamesh
 27 fejj
 26 mvo
 26 joeshaw
 24 shivram_u
 21 mortenw
 21 kmaraas
 21 mpeseng
 20 hadess
 20 dnloreto
 20 rodo
 20 ricardop
 19 rodrigo
 19 pawels
 19 rhult
 19 pgeorges
[148 active hackers omitted]

4. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity

This information is from, which hosts bug and
feature reports for most of the Gnome modules. If you would like to join
the bug hunt, subscribe to the gnome-bugsquad mailing list.

Currently open: 7503 (In the last week: New: 639, Resolved: 594,

Modules with the most open bugs (excluding enhancement requests): 

  nautilus: 803 (In the last week: New: 35, Resolved: 23, Difference:
  gtk+: 595 (In the last week: New: 22, Resolved: 15, Difference: +7)
  gnome-vfs: 292 (In the last week: New: 8, Resolved: 4, Difference: +4)
  galeon: 279 (In the last week: New: 66, Resolved: 49, Difference: +17)
  GIMP: 261 (In the last week: New: 13, Resolved: 62, Difference: -49)
  sawfish: 189 (In the last week: New: 6, Resolved: 4, Difference: +2)
  gnome-applets: 180 (In the last week: New: 19, Resolved: 12,
Difference: +7)
  gnome-panel: 172 (In the last week: New: 51, Resolved: 46, Difference:
  control-center: 140 (In the last week: New: 32, Resolved: 11,
Difference: +21)
  gnome-core: 134 (In the last week: New: 29, Resolved: 10, Difference:
  gnome-terminal: 107 (In the last week: New: 15, Resolved: 9,
Difference: +6)
  balsa: 99 (In the last week: New: 12, Resolved: 7, Difference: +5)
  medusa: 94 (In the last week: New: 0, Resolved: 0, Difference: 0)
  gnome-pilot: 88 (In the last week: New: 6, Resolved: 3, Difference:
  glib: 86 (In the last week: New: 5, Resolved: 2, Difference: +3)
Gnome Bugzilla users who resolved or closed the most bugs: 
  daniel veillard com: 64 bugs closed.
  sven gimp org: 53 bugs closed.
  vincent vuntz net: 53 bugs closed.
  yaneti declera com: 42 bugs closed.
  cs19540 indiatimes com: 41 bugs closed.
  andrew sobala net: 38 bugs closed.
  mamata vishweshwar wipro com: 26 bugs closed.
  tomy jacob wipro com: 21 bugs closed.
  bordoley msu edu: 18 bugs closed.
  venkat swaminathan wipro com: 17 bugs closed.
  jfleck inkstain net: 13 bugs closed.
  kmaraas gnome org: 13 bugs closed.
  tml iki fi: 8 bugs closed.
  louie ximian com: 8 bugs closed.
  murrayc usa net: 8 bugs closed.
5. New and Updated Software

gnome-python  - python bindings for gnome libraries
libglade  - constructs user interfaces at runtime
File Roller  - archive manager.
Gnome Toaster  - CD-Recording Software
Gnumeric  - spreadsheet
Shermans aquarium  - Swimming fish applet
CVSGnome Build Script  - CVSGnome Build Script
GARNOME  - Kickarse GNOME 2.x build system
Gnome Multires  - Desktop resolution changer
gnome-utils  - small applications
Gnono  - GNOME card game
XML Security Library  - Implementation of XML Security specs
camorama  - webcam application
gnome-games  - Many games...
Yelp  - Help browser for GNOME 2.0
gedit  - Lightweight UTF-8 text editor
The GNOME Session Manager  - GNOME Session Manager
The GNOME Panel  - GNOME Panel
Nautilus  - GNOME File Manager
gLabels  - program for creating labels and business cards
DiaSCE  - C, C++ code editor
linphone  - A SIP phone
netspeed_applet  - networkspeed monitor applet
Metacity-Setup  - Metacity Configuration Tool
ggv  - PostScript previewer
gnome-mlview  - xml editor for gnome
gcompressor  - compression decompression tools.
gdm  - GNOME Display Manager
Quick Lounge  - Quick Launch for GNOME 2

For more information on these packages visit the GNOME Software map:

Short summary this week as I had a busy weekend and will be leaving on a
work assignment monday morning. I will cover any items I might have
missed this week in next weeks summary. 

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller 
gnome-summary gnome org 

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