Re: Linux macro and word prediction programs?

> suggests how i work].

Some points:

1) Mouse gestures are available in Mozilla with a plugin available at  I've heard it's very good, but it'll take some getting
used to - the gestures are different from Opera.

2) Mozilla is written with the GTK+ toolkit.  All GTK applications let
you define *any* keyboard shortcut you like - just position your mouse
over the menu item you'd like to record a shortcut for, and hit the key!

> DOS/Win macro programs make 1 key do many keystrokes, the same keys act
> differently depending on what program has Windows' focus. F7 in Eudora
> types " the " while in Opera F7 does Alt-B for Bookmark. & new macros r
> made quickly as programs or topics demand, now I run
> Macro Express. Over last 2 years I've looked all over for Linux program
> that does macros in any app, in any mode, with no luck [some programs make
> their own setup scripts which r different things]. If anyone knows of
> something please reply, u could get me on to Linux sooner!

Most Unix applications have configurable keys.  That's not to say it's
easy or quick to change/add keyboard shortcuts.  Obviously all Gnome
applications, since they use GTK, support #2 above.  This unfortunately
doesn't cover things like typing " the " - I'm not entirely sure how
you'd do this.  (Can anyone comment on using xmodmap to map a key to a
key sequence?)

> Word prediction r programs that watch keyboard input & offer to complete
> words based on 1st few letters. Example, once letters org were typed a
> pop-up Window shows matches like 'organize' organizing' 'organization' with
> numbers besides so only typing 1 more number completes the word. that would
> be nice to have, but macro program is vital. Any ideas in the general area
> will be much appreciated [grin] TIA!

Application commands can usually be completed in this fashion - normally
pressing Tab will request the current set of completions.  But this
doesn't really work for text entry (in this email, for example), so
for a vast majority of your typing, it won't be too helpful.

Ross Vandegrift
ross willow seitz com

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