Re: keyboard shortcuts

On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 10:08, Yong Khun, Loh wrote:

>     i was eagerly looking to know the keyboard shortcuts in GNOME and KDE. i
> used to be Windows user but i used a lot of keyboard instead of mouse. in
> Windows, most of the shortcut keys are standardized among different
> application like closing a program, closing a child window, cut, copy or
> paste, select all and so on. can anybody let me know where can i get a list
> of all keyboard shortcuts under GNOME as well as KDE so that i don't have
> painful experience when i don't hook up my mouse?

The shortcuts that developers are encouraged to use are listed here:

However not everybody does yet, and GNOME 1.4 apps in particular may
well do things differently.


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