Re: keyboard shortcuts

This isn't quite true. Gnome2 in particular does have a standard set of
applications keybindings defined in our Human Interface Guide. Most of
them correspond to the associated windows and mac shortcuts, slight
differences here and there but overall pretty much the same. You can't
usually change keybindings, except for window manager specific ones as
Simon has said.


On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 20:38, Simon Wong wrote:
> It depends on the window manager that you are using not actually on the
> desktop environment i.e. Gnome/KDE.
> I use sawfish in Gnome 1.4 (and 2 :-) and to change the key bindings you
> either run "sawfish-ui" from the commnad line or use the Gnome COntrol
> Centre (not currently working for me).
> In there you can changethe key bindings to whatever you please :-)  Now
> YOU are in Control NOT the OS :-)
> You'll find that quite a few edit type controls are fairly standardised
> e.g ctrl-c/ctrl-v/ctrl-x are same as windoze.
> HTH. 
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