gtk interface is freezing.. any ideas?

I'm not sure how to describe this but i've noticed a problem with many of my gnome-based programs. the gtk interface seems to freeze and parts of the pixmaps do not display, the text will eventually become unreadable and the program will eventually freeze. It seems to happen in gaim, gnapster, panel, xmms. Basically any gnome app I run eventually show this problem if left running long enough, only way to fix it is to restart the program anyone know what i'm talking about or experienced this? I'm using DarkMarble for gtk theme, perhaps its incompatiable? I haven't tried to see if the program still occurs when i'm using another gtk theme. if i'm not providing a good enough description please reply and I can try to explain what happens better and give you more information.
macado macado:~$ gtk-config --version
macado macado:~$ glib-config --version

Michael MacDonald

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