Re: Stability survey

> HI, is any one actually using OpenOffice or Gnome for real work? (as in
> non geek work).

Okay, I suppose Web development is "geek work" but ...

I use Abiword [1] and Gimp a fair bit, I find them extremely stable.
I've also got Evolution and Galeon open most of the day, and they do
quite well (although Galeon does seem to die about once during an 8-hour
day for some reason). I use Gnumeric occasionally, and I think it's an
exceptional piece of programming.

I used to use gEdit a lot, and never had problems with it. I've found
that I prefer context-highlighting though so I've moved to Nedit
(although I despise its file-selection menu).

It's hard to compare any of these to items like Apache though. :-)
Generally the only time I have to restart Apache is when I've made a
change. I have no reason to leave any of my desktop programs open for
weeks on end.

I used to use a Windows desktop exclusively, and my completely
subjective opinion is the Microsoft programs I used tended to crash more
frequently than the Linux apps I'm using now. The Adobe apps were pretty
stable, though, and I still find myself needing Photoshop and Acrobat on
occasion (thank heavens for VMware!).

[1] Why do so many Windows users feel it's necessary to send Word
attachments, when all they're giving me is a paragraph of plain text?

Travis Saling
Webmaster, UW Electrical Engineering
trav u washington edu / webmaster ee washington edu
(206) 543-8984

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