Re: QUESTION: how to add an application to the panel for EVERYONE

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

I disagree. The whole point should be to abstract it away so that the
user doesn't have to care where the file resides (it could be half way
around the world for all the user cares).

Users should not ever have to manually edit any config file. Ever.


On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 16:14, Patrick wrote:

How bout when it come to erros. Currently my Control Applets occainsionaly dont work. I get a message saying "Could not start capplet". Very informative. A situation all to comon
with modern GUI's.

What's the initial advice when a user gets such a message? Run it from the command line.

My point being, GUI's, as does the command line, should have a default error methodology.
Very rarely they do.


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