QUESTION: how to add an application to the panel for EVERYONE


I am new to Gnome. I am installing many Linux workstations in a
research center, and I would like to add "balsa" application in the
panel for everyone. Of course I am root, I have the privilege.
But I can't find the file to modify to do that.

I know the solution for 1 user. But how can I do that for all users,
so that the first time they use Gnome, they see the new
application???  Am I missing something here???


Daniel Ouimet	Administrateur des systemes informatiques, CRM
Pavillon Andre-Aisenstadt, bureau 5349	ouimet crm umontreal ca
Universite de Montreal, CRM,  C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-Ville
Montreal (Quebec) H3C 3J7, CANADA
(514) 343-6992        FAX: (514) 343-2254

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