gnome run dialog

What is the status of the gnome run dialog.  Where do
I find what is being done for it, and by whom?  I
recently grabbed the new ximian gnome release
gnome-core-devel- and found that
the gnome run dialog has changed.  

First, gnomecc no longer accepts my windows key
mapping (Super_L and Super_R) when binding keys to the
run and menu actions.  Xmodmap has correctly mapped
the modifiers and other applications (xev, sawfish)
recognize the super_l and super_r modifiers.  For some
reason, gnome stopped recognizing these keys once I

Second, the gnome run dialog is a sub-process of the
panel process?  This was done to reduce the load up
time correct?  This also means that there is no other
way to get tot he run dialog outside of a key mapping
(as defined in $HOME/.gnome/panel).  It would be nice
to be able to call the run dialog from other programs
(gkrellm, nautilus, etc...) (not sure if this is
possible any more since it is part of `panel` --
perhaps a switch option to panel (i.e. `panel
--gnome-run`)).  It would also be nice to be able to
move the gnome run panel button into submenu's (I can
move it to drawers, but not to menus (I guess because
it is an applet not a .desktop).  If this is possible
already, I haven't found how.

Third, the new "Available Programs" interface is neat,
but unnecessary for advanced users.  Clicking on the
"Advanced..." button should make the "Available
Programs" listbox disappear.  I'm not so sure the
merging of the favorites menu into the "Available
Programs" listbox was done correctly.  Should merging
be an option?  I don't want my favorites merged into
the system menus.  Perhaps there could be a textbox in
the gnomecc panel interface that allows the user to
specify a comma delimited list of directories to

Following comments made in this post:

is there any work being done on tab-completion and
autorunning based on mime-type?  Is this the correct
forum to address the above concerns?

Thanks in advance to any responders?

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