Re: Gnome does not close

On Friday 08 March 2002 07:08 am, Geoffrey wrote:
> At one time I thought I had the same problem, but it was really
> because I wasn't waiting long enough.  I would guess it's dependent
> upon all the things you have running when you attempt to exit. 
> I've never timed it, but I would estimate that it had been > a
> minute, which would seem a long time.  I'd give it another shot and
> give it too much time, say 5 minutes.  It's worth the test, unless
> you've already attempted this.
> Andres Montiel wrote:
> > I have RedHat 7.2 on my system. I have been logging on and
> > choosing KDE as my window manager from the menu log on menu.
> > Recently, I tried using Gnome. Everything works okay, until I
> > choose to exit, that is. Gnome doesn't close. I have to press
> > Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill xwindows.
> >
> > What could I do to solve this dilemma?

   I've been meaning to write about this.  I often have the same 
problem and I'm using FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE.  What I have happening is 
that I click on the taskbar|logout button and gnome just freezes.  
The panels at the bottom and top of the screen remain, but become 
totally unresponsive.  I haven't waited over a minute, but I think 
that's a bit much -- especially when I have already quit all the 
applications I've started in my login session.  Fortunately, Gnome 
doesn't kill the window manager when this happens, so I just use my 
window manager's root-screen menu to start an xterm, through which I 
kill gnome-session.  (Fwiw, I've used Sawfish wm when Gnome's had 
this behavior.)
   In regard to a previous helper's post, I do use Netscape, though 
I'm not sure if I've used it every time that my Gnome session won't 
close.  I do know this: it hasn't happened after Netscape crashed, 
because Netscape has never crashed on my system.  (That, 
incidentally, is precisely what made me try FreeBSD a few years ago: 
Netscape kept bringing my Linux box to its knees.)

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