Re: "Windows" key in Gnome2/Metacity

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 22:12, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
> It doesn't work for me :-( I'm using a 104/105 keys keyboard in german
> nodeadkeys layout (no Xmodmap used, just xkb), which has the "Windows"
> key generate Super_L and Super_R resp.
> I don't know if they generate Mod4 (how can I check this???) 

OK, with the help of Havoc I was able to tell if my Super_L key
generates Meta4, which it does. 
But unfortunately metacity refuses to work with it. E.g. I change (via
gconf-editor) the entry for show desktop from <Control><Alt>d =>
<Control><Meta4>d. The result is that typing <Control>d (Note the
missing Meta4) triggers the function, while the only way of supressing
it seems to be to press <Control><Meta4>d .... This is extremely
annoying when you also changed something like <Alt>Space to <Meta4>Space
and now every time I use the spacebar, a WM menu pops up....

So, effectively, Meta4 is ignored. This is with a gnome2 et al. from the
devel channel in RedCarpet, and the keyboard as I wrote...

I don't know what I could try still....


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