Gnome2 and sound

Hello group,

I have two questions.

1.  How can I get sound events to work under GNOME2?  I have the sound server enabled
at startup.  Esd is running and under the Gnome sound applet under the events tab, if
I click play, a sound plays fine.  I built Gnome 2 from sources under LFS.  I know it
is not a hardware/modules problem.  I have sound working under KDE3 and play any
type of audio I want.  I just down get any sound from Gnome2 for the events.  Before
I built gnome2, I had gnome 1.4 that I built from sources and sound worked fine there.

2.  I am using metacity as my wm.  Is there a way to tell it to not show the contents
of windows while moving/resizing?

Thanks for any help,

Jim Drabb

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