Nautilus and HTML-view

Hi all,

I compiled nautilus-2.0.0 from tarball withthe options:

./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome2
--with-mozilla-lib-place=/usr/local/mozilla/ mozilla
--with-mozilla-include-place=/usr/include/mozilla --enable-static=no

Compile and Install run without problems. But if I try to access a
html-file locally or a web-side (e.g. only the
html-coding is shown, not as a webpage. Also when not using mozilla and
having libgtkhtml installed, only the html code is shown, not the

I tried to find the place where I can change the entry and defaults for
the standard command. For some, at least to me,unknown reason the
standard application for html-files is 'view as text' and nautilus shows
various view methods (netscape, lynx, galeon) on the left side. I tred
to set another default application in the 'file-types programs', but
with no effect.

Here now my questions:
1) what is to be done to get nautilus work with mozilla
2) where are the default application for a file-type stored (categories?
3) how to change/add an application to the category default

Thanks and best regards,

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