Re: making applets more useful

Missatge citat per: Marius Andreiana <mandreiana rdsnet ro>:

> Hi
> Some applets in gnome2 have been made less useful than their gnome1.4
> cousins.
> * Mixer
> gnome1.4: move the mouse over it, rotate the wheel and you are done.
> 	want to know what's the current sound volume? look at the applet
> gnome2: requires an extra click, and if you want to know the current
> 	sound volume you also need a click

wheel mouse works for GNOME2 mixer applet, and has a four level volume indicator

> * gdict
> gnome1.4: copy a word and paste in gdict applet text entry, press
> enter
> 	and you get the word meaning.
> gnome2: the applet became a launcher (opens gdict)

Again, the behaviour of gdict applet in GNOME2 is what you say of the gnome1.4 

> Should these applets be back to their original state (and usefulness)
> or the changes were intentional? I'm ready to enter this in bugzilla
> if yes...
> Thanks

I can`t think of a bug in mixer applet (for the wheel but works for me) but 
gdict applet is not a launcher.

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