Re: GNOME2 - Dual Head & Metacity

Trevor Nichols <trevor ocdi org> writes:
> I've finally swapped over to using GNOME2 since this afternoon.  I am
> very impressed with the quality of improvement since I last tried it.
> Since I run a dual-head setup my situation is slightly more complicated
> than normal.  Previously I didn't use xinerama.  After trying to use
> metacity I discovered it doesn't support dual-head in this mode. 
> (Before I used to use Enlightenment 0.16 which supports dual-head very
> well).
> Temporarily I have enabled Xinerama but I don't quite like this mode of
> operation.  My main objective is to be able to split up the desktops:
> Normally I have consoles on the left screen and web browser or "final
> output" on the right. (when developing GUI or web or LaTeX documents).
> I'd stick with E16, but it doesn't support whatever is required for the
> GNOME2 Window List or Workspace selector...
> I would like to use Metacity but would prefer non-xinerama.
> Any suggestions as to my options?

Metacity should work with dual head, but you have to compile it with
the CVS HEAD version of GTK+, instead of 2.0.x. That development
version of GTK will probably cause a bit of instability in some other
apps, but should mostly work.


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