Re: Window list application icons in Gnome2

Trond Arve Nordheim <trond nordheim no> writes:
> I just installed GNOME2 and everythings seems to work nicely. I'm just
> having a little issue with the window list in the bottom panel (taskbar,
> if you wish). Some of the applications appear with a default icon (the
> white paper-thingie), and this tends to get pretty messy with lots of
> applications where only a few of them have a representative icon...
> Where do I define the taskbar-icon for an application? For example make
> the task button have /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-eterm.png as a icon for
> Eterm...
> I've been grepping and snooping in all the configuration files I could
> find, and I've googled/searched the gnome mailinglist without finding
> anything... A little push in the right direction would be nice ;)

You are probably seeing this bug:

Or if not, just windows that don't set an icon... you'd need to fix
the app if the app doesn't set anything.


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