Re: GDM Config

Hi Robert :-)

On Mon, 2002-01-07 at 03:40, Robert Sean Hartnett wrote:
> I set up the background pic (using GDM Configuration) and it appears for
> a moment then the standard Red Hat background image covers it. 

Red Hat uses xsri to customize the root window.  You can either modify
the /etc/X11/xsrirc file, or tell the GDM Configurator not to launch
this program.

Otherwise, if you've specified a background image in GDM, make sure you
remove the background program (xsri) at the bottom of the

> While I am at it, can the image that appears in the splash window on
> account login be changed, I figure it can be somewhere.

Ooh that lighthouse.  I thought the 7.1 splashscreen was much more
pleasing.  ;-)  Anyway, the path/filename is hardcoded, but you can
simply replace the splash file with an image that shares the same
filename.  IIRC, the filename is
/usr/share/pixmaps/lighthouse-splash.png.  Don't forget to keep a copy
in case future upgrades overwrite it.

Regards :-)

Lee J. Moore

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