Re: Gnome2: Why UI change? ( or why a Gnome user since 1.0 is con templating leaving)

> I am sure Microsoft is going to love this, they will demonstrate to
> people a machine running a Gnome2 app and a KDE app and say buy
> Windows instead where you can actually get a consistent (reasonably)
> UI.

I believe the lack of a reasonably consistent UI among all Gnome Apps needs to
be seriously delt with.  I know that we have all those guidelines and other
things - but apparently no company that is making this software wants to
adhere to those guidelines right now.  I think if things were more like
windows in some respects where most of the functionality of programs can rely
on the environment's own UI components instead of proprietary components that
need to be built from scratch, this can be done more easily - but this is an
issue for the programming teams, not the design teams.

- David Grega

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