Re: Gnome2: Why UI change? ( or why a Gnome user since 1.0 is con templating leaving)

I like the idea this is customizable however I think if we made it more
obvious wjich button was which so that basically even a geek that has spent
the last 12 hours migrating to Linux and setting up Gnome can click the
correct buttons while half asleep - we'd have a better system overall.

How about making the buttons like RED for a "negative" choice like
no/abort/cancel and GREEN for a "positive" choice like yes or okay. Of course,
this can lead into a while big thing about color psychology.  My personal
opinion is we leave that up to the people in charge of localizing Gnome to
deal with that instead of trying to deal with this on a global scale.

- David Grega

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>> Now I am sure the Mac way of having the yes/ok button on dialog boxes
>> at the lower right makes sense, however given that the rest of the
>> world (including Gnome) has long since standardized on yes/ok being at
>> the lower left why would Gnome change it now?
>Have I read this correctly ? You are considering abandoning GNOME because
>dialog buttons are at the lower right instead of lower left ?

No, the order of the buttons.

With Gnome 1.*, KDE, Windows, Motif, Java the buttons would be:

              Yes    No

With Gnome 2 they are switching to:

              No     Yes

Thus they are reversing the order of the dialog box buttons, which
means for anyone other than a Mac user the odds of clicking on the
wrong button have increased, and likely by a fair bit when you
consider that most people on Linux are using a mix of Motif/KDE/Gnome

Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (near bottom, alert buttons):

Sun (Java Swing), look at order of command button row in picture:

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