Re: Gnome themes

Carsten suggested, "out of ideas so far :-( Probably for testing only change
the rights of that directory so that all can change into and read this
directory, just a thougth chmod o+rx"

A good idea.  Thanks!  I also discovered one obvious thing (or it should
have been obvious) the gorilla theme is a nautilus theme (being a newbie
sucks...I should've seen that problem), however, the problem still exists
when I try to install a desktop theme.  I went to, downloaded
some sawfish themes for testing and it acts the same way.  It grinds for a
bit and then does nothing that I can see.  I'll play with the directory
permissions and try to install the themes manually also to see if I can get
it to work that way.  Am I mistaken when I think that I should be able to
install/use sawfish themes in Gnome when Sawfish is my window manager (it
is, I checked)?

-Tom Caudron

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