Re: Gnome themes

El mié, 13-02-2002 a las 07:38, Tom Caudron escribió:
> Carsten asked, "Have you also tried to unack that theme, (which is a tar.gz 
> or tar.bz2 archive ?) manually to the global themes dir ?  In my case this 
> is under /usr/share/themes"

is this a gtk theme?

I suspect that it is for Nautilus!

> I checked there and it is already unpacked to that folder and to the 
> ~/.themes folder also.

there is no need to install the theme in both directories... just pick
one, /usr/share/themes is for all users, and ~/.themes is just for you.

> William Lovaton asked, "What theme are you trying to install?"
> It's called Scalable Gorilla, but I had the same problem with two or three 
> themes (e.g., T-16-Blue).  I just now decided to look into it.
> William Lovaton suggested, "For example, Xenophilia needs a new theme engine 
> so you have to compile it and install it... that comes with the tarball 
> theme.  Just look for an INSTALL o README file and try to figure out what is 
> the problem."
> I reviewed the README that came with it and there is no indication that it 
> needs a special engine.

Where did you get this theme?  i can't find it in

Send me a link and i'll try to install it.

> For some reason, though it has been copied properly to both the home and 
> global dirs, it just doesn't show up in my themes list.  Any other ideas?  
> How does that themes list get populated?
> Still learning,
>   Tom Caudron


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