Gnome Control Center broken

Dear All

I recently updated some of my Gnome 1.4 packages; now the Gnome Control Center is not working. I'm running control-center-

The Gnome Control Centre now has no pages. The GUI pops up in response to selecting it from the Gnome menu; the sections tree is down the left hand side, but the right hand side which should contain the dialogues remains empty whatever section I select.

Any leads appreciated.

* Background

I am currently running Gnome 1.4 on SuSE 7.2.

I recently uninstalled the rpms for, and installed the source for:

            rpm        source
gdk-pixbuf  ?          0.14.0
gnome-vfs   ?          1.0.3
libxml      1.8.11-53  1.8.16
oaf         0.6.5-30   0.6.7

I did './configure --prefix="/opt/gnome" ' for each, as SuSE puts GNOME in /opt.

Best wishes

Ivan Uemlianin

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