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I think I found out how to solv this.
What I did was to clean up the directory /tmp/.ICE-unix
and remove .ICEauthority in my home directory and then
rebooted the computer and everything seems to be OK.
Therefore I don't realy know which part is giving me


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I'm running Gnome 1.4 on Linux Red Hat 7.0 and
sudenly after reboot I get following message in
.xsession-error file:

Failed to obtain CORBA authentication cookie, exiting
Xlib:  extension "XINERAMA" missing on display ":0.0".
Failed to obtain CORBA authentication cookie, exiting

The machine, HP Vectra VL, has been up and running
for at least 140 days when I rebooted it. I get
login view, but when it has loaded everything it
just went blue and write mentioned error messages
in .xsession. The window manager is sawfish.

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