Re: XMMS Preferences glitch

On Sun, 2002-02-10 at 01:54, Bob Giesen wrote:
>    I've been fighting with my SoundBlaster PCI512, trying to get it 
> to make noise -- any kind of noise, whatsoever -- on my FreeBSD 4.4 
> box. While trying different things, I found something curious...  
> When I opened the xmms Preferences dialog while running Gnome as a 
> regular user, xmms froze; clicking anywhere in one of its windows 
> caused my PC speaker (the tinny little thing inside the case -- not 
> the ones I _want_ to hear) would beep.  My only recourse was to kill 
> xmms.  If I opened the Preferences dialog as root, I had no problem. 
> I tried it without running Gnome and I had no problem setting 
> preferences as either a regular user or root.
Are you running with xmms set to be always on top? (Right-click ->
Options -> Always On Top)
I've noticed that if I do that, I get the exact same behavior you're
describing. If I turn that off, the preferences dialog works properly.
I've been meaning to file a bug about it for a while, but in the
meantime, if you're seeing the same problem, that hopefully is a

David Hoover

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