Re: Gnome to be based on .NET?

I see the Free vs. Open Source argument here. It seems that many people
are afraid that if Gnome moves forward on an un-Free license it would
have disastrous effects. 

Then there is the other camp that seems to be downright fscking afraid
of MS. I see that argument too.

One thing to take into account is that Mono can always be "forked" away
from the MS "standard". If MS starts playing nasty with API changes and
such, the Mono maintainers can just decide to stick to the ECMA spec and
not play catch-up. The point behind Mono is (I believe) the fact that
the *technology* is cool. This is why (IMHO) Miguel seems to see Mono as
the future foundation for Gnome... it's just the next logical step in

As long as Mono is a bad ass platform, I truly believe that it won't
matter what the API's look like or if it even has compatibility with
.NET. IMHO people will still use it on the Free OS's it was written for
simply because it ( has fewer bugs | performs better | is better
designed ). I think we have more freedom from MS than some people


On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 02:22, Jürgen Salk wrote:
> "How much do you love Microsoft's .NET? Enough to
> trust your Gnome applications to its APIs in the
> future? 
> That's what Gnome leader Miguel de Icaza, believes
> should happen. Miguel calls .NET the "natural
> upgrade" for the Gnome platform [...]"
> <>
> I am frankly a bit surprised to hear that. 
> Could someone please enlighten me, how this complies 
> with GNOME's self-conception of "an entirely free 
> desktop environment for free systems".
> Thank you in advance.
> Best regards - Juergen Salk
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